Blonde, Brunette or Red Haired? The Choice is Yours

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Wish you were a blonde like Antonio Bandaras? Or do you aspire to be a red haired macho like the neighborhood cop? Or probably you want a green hair ever since you saw the drummer in your college fest.

Are you afraid that your brilliant hair coloring ideas will remain only distant dreams? No way pal. There are ways close to your hand to fulfill your dreams. You just need to go ahead.

The Various Hair Coloring Products

Hair coloring products are usually of four categories –

a.) Temporary b.) Semi-permanent c.) Deposit only/demi-permanent d.) Permanent.

All products but temporary color require a patch test before application. The idea is to determine whether the client is allergic to the product.

a.) Temporary Hair Coloring Product – In this product the pigment molecules are large. So it does not penetrate the cuticle layer. And that allows only a coating action that may be removed by shampooing.

Acid dyes are used to coat on the hair surface. Acid dyes have low affinity to hair. And can be removed after a shampoo.

The temporary hair coloring products are typically used to give brighter and more vibrant shades or colors. For example orange or red.

The various product forms in which temporary hair coloring products are available include – Rinses, shampoos, gels, etc.

b.) Semi-permanent Hair Coloring Product – This product deposits color on the hair shaft without lightening it. Having smaller molecules enables it to penetrate the hair shaft.

It does not have any developer. And may be used for heat for penetration.

It remains intact up to 8-14 shampoos.

c.) Deposit only/demi-permanent Hair Coloring Product – It uses a mild, creamy developer of a lower volume than permanent color.

There is an ammonia substitute called MEA in some demi-products. MEA helps with penetration and can lift natural color.

Demi-permanent hair coloring product penetrates the hair shaft in a slight manner. It makes hair shiny and covers/blends some gray.

d.) Permanent Hair Coloring Product – This product, mixed with developer, remains in the hair shaft til new hair growth occurs.

Its uses are matching, lightening and covering gray hair.

Usually it contains ammonia, oxidative tints, and peroxide.

The allergic reaction coming from hair dye is most likely occur each time one dyes his hair. And that will probably get worse every time.

Henna as a permanent hair coloring product – Henna is a deposit-only hair color. Its active component lawsone inds to keratin and is therefore permanent.

Henna can be removed with mineral oil. But it is considered permanent. Because shampoos and rinses can wash it out.

Special Hair Coloring Techniques

The special effects in hair coloring techniques include highlighting and vivid, unusual hair colors. The latter include the ones like green or fuchsia (purple red).

Highlighting ranges from temporary to permanent. An individual can find it difficult to perform the techniques required for highlighting.

Need for professional hair coloring ideas

Make sure that you always follow a professional hair coloring idea. It means consulting a professional hair colorist.

Amateurish use of hair coloring techniques may result into various serious consequences. The latter include –

* Different color outcome compared to what you expected
* Breakage of hair stands
* Hair loss
* Dry scalp.

So now you know that your hair coloring dream is not a distant one. The ways are very much there awaiting your action. So just go ahead. Color your hair in the way you want – red like fresh blood, orange, or whatever. Discover a new you. And add spice to your life.

Who knows, just a change in your hair color might suddenly impress the girl next door. Yes, the same girl whom you have trying to impress unsuccessfully for last few months.

Hair/hair extensions

The Advantages Of Choosing Remy Hair Extensions

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Today, hair extensions are as much a fashion statement as it is a way of life for many women.  It’s not only the trend among huge name Hollywood starlets and music artist divas, but it’s also ending up being more and more popular amongst typical females may it be a student, working mom or a full-time career woman. When you desire instant, extreme and boldly beautiful changes to your current hairstyle, then Remy human hair extensions are the method to go.

What is Remy Human  Hair Extension

Of all the various types of hair extensions readily available, on the market, Remy human hair extensions are considered the finest ones in the market.

These kinds of hair extensions are fashioned all in the same manner for a more natural looking appearance. They’re likewise less susceptible to matting and tangling and remain soft and lustrous throughout its lifetime. This hair can be coloured, curled, corrected the alignment of, cleaned, cut, styled and dealt with similar to natural hair which is why numerous people choose them to artificial hair. Artificial hair can’t take much heat and is sensitive heat. Fake likewise looks unnatural and do not last for very long.

Remy Human Hair Extension Types

When it pertains to different kinds of Remy human hair, there are two primary classifications to consider. One is virgin Remy human hair extension and as the name suggests, it is 100% natural with regards to colour and hair texture. These are sourced from donors throughout the whole world.

The second kind of Remy hair extension is the “non-virgin” type which also pertains to natural hair but artificially treated in one way or another to achieve a specific shade of colour or a particular kind of texture. This includes a variety of wavy and curly extensions with differing degrees of the composition and can be found in colours such as blond, red and brunette.

Advantages of Remy Human Hair Extensions

There are numerous advantages to utilising Remy human hair extensions. The first visible and obvious advantage would be the quality of hair which is very high considering it’s genuine human hair. It blends better with your natural hair and can be dealt with similar to your own, making upkeep more manageable. It also has a more stunning shine and smooth texture which improves the total look of your style.

Another benefit is that it can be treated unlike your typical tape hair extensions. Hence you’re not just stuck to one design and if you’re an idea for a modification in colour, cut or texture your Remy hair will happily comply.

Lastly, these types of hair will last longer and are more potent than any other kind of human or synthetic hair extension. They’re constructed by mindful and proficient hands and will last as long as you have them in your hair. So if you’re trying to find high quality and attractive hair solution, then you cannot go wrong with Remy hair extensions.


Essential Hair “Do’s”Survey Reveals American Women’s Hair Care Habits

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Long gone are the days of the weekly “wash and set” at the beauty parlor. Today-no matter what type of hair you have-there are products and hairstyles made for you.

A new online poll commissioned by Regis Corporation and conducted by Impulse Research Corporation of 1,631 women across the U.S. reveals that many of them aren’t taking advantage of today’s “hair technology.” Based on their findings, Regis has put together a list of some essential hair “do’s”:

• Change Your Color With the Seasons: With today’s advancements in color, you can lowlight, highlight or mix it up. Regis Salons’ Mary Gail Hall suggests matching your color to the amount of sun in a season. “In the summer, add highlights to your hair to lighten it up. In the fall, add some lowlights to your hair and go a bit darker.”

• Protect Your Hair Color: If you are among the 71.3 percent of women who color their hair, protect your color with specially formulated shampoo for color-treated hair, which helps to keep the color true. Some of the most popular include Regis designLINE Color Care Shampoo and Conditioner, Matrix and Redken Color Extend.

• Use Styling Products: Virtually all the women surveyed (98.9 percent) use conditioner, but less than 50 percent of them use any styling or finishing products, such as spray, gel, wax, pomade or shine drops. With today’s advancements in hair technology, styling products make all the difference in your style’s look and function. Product-focused salons such as Trade Secret carry all the top, professional hair care brands, including Paul Mitchell, Sebastian and Matrix. Not sure of which one to use? Trade Secret’s stylists and beauty advisors can recommend the perfect product for your hair type.

Multi-task: Time with the family can be hectic. Save time by bringing everyone to your local no-appointment-needed mall salon, such as MasterCuts, where stylists can take care of the whole family. And remember, to keep everyone looking great, stay on a six- to eight-week hair care schedule.


Pamper Your Hair to Help Them Grow Faster

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Short hair is old-fashioned. Thick and long hair is now in vogue. In the prevailing scenario, everyone has one question on their mind i.e. How to make hair grow faster? Healthy hair requires an optimal delivery of oxygen to breathe and penetrate. Adequate supply of nutrients from the circulatory system to the hair follicle is required for hair to grow faster. Hair if deprived of natural vitamins, proteins, amino acids and other nutrients may lack fullness, strength and luster thus hurdling the route to hair growth.

Studies conducted earlier have stated that majority of the people are deficient in nutritional balance because of their busy lifestyle and unhealthy eating habits. In order to keep pace with faster hair growth, a nutritional diet is mandatory. Increase the intake of green leafy vegetables in your diet. Drink plenty of water. This improves blood circulation to the scalp and hence helps hair grow faster.

Hormonal imbalances also hinder the way of hair growth. A hormonal byproduct known as dihydrotestosterone (DHT) gradually shrinks the hair follicles making them become dormant. Use natural hair care products to fight DHT and improvise hair growth.

Gentle scalp massage twice or thrice a week promotes faster hair growth. Massaging scalp with almond or olive oil can supplement hair follicles with nutrients.

In case you are experiencing a sudden hair loss, keep in mind that it may be due to acute stress or intoxication of the body due to the intake of some toxic metals. Therefore, get awareness on the pros and cons of a medicine before consuming it. Try to live a stress free life by doing yoga or meditation. Rely on the natural method of eliminating stress from your life. Do no be dependent on stress relieving medicines for this purpose.

Vitamins are essential for hair to grow faster. So, pamper your hair with vitamin enrich shampoo. Limit the use of hair creams and gels on your hair. Deciding the right hair care product is important. With the increasing concern for hair growth a number of hair care products are available in the market. It is advisable to authenticate the product before buying it. You can consult your dermatologist in this effort.

The occurrence of split ends is another stumbling stone in obstructing hair growth. Damaging of the protective part of hair called cuticle, results in the splitting of hair ends. As they cannot be repaired, get them removed.

Trim your hair at regular intervals to promote faster hair growth.

Mayonnaise and beer can effectively serve the purpose of a conditioner. Using them once or twice a week on you hair can help replenish adequate moisture in hair.

A little care can help you get healthy and lustrous. Coddle your hair to help them grow faster.